Blacktail Signature Woodworking Mallet

Blacktail Signature Woodworking Mallet


For woodworkers that stock their tool chest with names like Veritas, Lie Nielsen, and Tasai, this is the mallet for you.

Let me start off by saying this is not the cheapest mallet you can buy. This is for someone who wants a tool that will last them the rest of their life, and fits them like a custom suit.

To place an order for one of these mallets we start off by asking a series of questions. Including what type of work you plan on using it for, length and width of your palm for proper handle size, in addition to giving a you a choice of domestic or exotic hardwoods and finish/style options.

One feature we offer at no charge for our Signature mallet is copper dowels. We can fill the dowels with steel or even lead for heavy deadblow effect. Or leave them empty for a lighter touch. Each copper dowel is fitted with a grain-matching plug for a seamless look.

You can also opt for matching or contrasting splines oriented horizontally, vertically, or even criss-crossed. Every aspect of this mallet is customizable and up to you.

Free shipping to the continental US. International shipping available on request. Please allow 30-90 days to complete. Feel free to contact us for the most current timeline. 

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