Pale Horse Coffee Table

Pale Horse Coffee Table

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The Pale Horse coffee table is especially unique. Even by resin table standards. It was made from rare English Walnut grafts for a very unique shape, combined with a white epoxy resin for a striking contrast. A 22 degree bevel was added to the edge for added interest. Then the top was fitted to a classic black steel base hand fabricated from a local Portland company. It measures approximately 41” round and 18” tall. Feel free to contact us about a custom base to make this a kitchen/nook table as well!

At Blacktail, we primarily work in only custom, bespoke orders and we do not often keep items in stock. This piece was a passion project, meant to expand the possibilities for future clients. As a small shop, we have limited space for finished items. Therefore we are able to offer this particular piece at a significant discount to you.

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